In 2035, Industry 4.0 and its lights-out factories will be a vital part of product manufacturing. The world needs millions of products that require no “human touch” to be valuable. 

However, there will also be many, many more Industry 5.0 factories in 2035, and these factories will employ workers on the floor. Requiring uniquely human talents like creativity, artistry, materials and process understanding, discerning tastes, understanding of various customs and complex judgment, these jobs will be nothing like the factory jobs we think of today.

These will be jobs for human beings – not for machines. They will be jobs that defy the old definition of work as “doing things I don’t like to do.” They will not ensure that people everywhere love their jobs – they won’t lead to any utopia. But we believe that these job and associated employment trends will help to humanize labor and make the world a better place to work.

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Source: Universal Robots