Industry 4.0 can solve key challenges facing mill products and mining companies – including companies in metals, building products, paper, packaging, forest products, cement, concrete, textiles, furniture and plastic products.

From extreme supply, demand, and design variability, to emerging markets of one, to the growing need for rapid innovation. Leveraging the principles of Industry 4.0 – and its enabling technologies to automate, integrate, and optimize manufacturing processes – companies can shorten cycle times, improve product quality, and implement efficiency across their operations, as well as grow the manufacturing of highly customized products on a global scale.

What makes all of this possible is the way Industry 4.0 is disrupting – and deepening – the relationships between manufacturing, customers, and suppliers. Industry 4.0 shifts manufacturing from isolated, optimized cells of business processes, systems, and resources to fully integrated data and product flows across corporate borders.

We’re already seeing examples of companies reaping the benefits of their Industry 4.0 journey, which is a testament to the fact that executives see its huge potential value.

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Source: SAP