Well into the 21st century, the case for automating manufacturing has been made many times over. As robotics evolve to include robots designed to collaborate with humans rather than replacing them, so does the business rationale for automating production.

According to the GE Global Innovation Barometer report issued earlier this year, business executives around the world say that 40 percent of innovations over the last five years have had a positive impact on their company’s bottom line.

In 2008, Universal Robots was the first company to develop a commercially viable collaborative robot and remains the industry leader. The benefits of these cobots include a small footprint, ease of operation, deployment and re-deployment, and their ability to serve as tools that enable humans to do their jobs better and more easily. If necessary, however, they can also be used without human intervention.

At Universal Robots we have identified the top seven reasons why automation – specifically cobots – is a positive investment for manufacturing operations of any size in any location.

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Source: Universal Robots