Blockchain RegTech market leader QRC Group, in partnership with RegTech Analyst, announced today their upcoming meetup, entitled ‘RegTech: Bringing the Blockchain i nt o the Mainstream’ to be held in London on May 23rd, 2018.

The event will highlight a number of key RegTech tools that have each proven successful in the facilitation of blockchain integrations into the mainstream economy. Such tools include Blockpass, a self-sovereign identity application, Coinfirm, a KYC/AML compliance solution, and Alice, a platform for transparent charitable donations.

The event comes at a seminal moment for the industry. In the words of Adam Vaziri, CEO of QRC, “B lockchain re-architects the world , giving stronger user control and paradigm-shifting efficiencies. However, blockchain infrastructure is not ready for the mainstream – it needs regulatory technology to support its wider adoption. That is the focus of this event – to underpin how regulatory technology enables blockchain disruption. ”

Attendees will be able to get a first glance at two exciting developments in the blockchain RegTech space. For one, Professor Bill Buchanan, of Edinburgh Napier University, and Dr. Hans Lombardo, CMO of Blockpass, will introduce the Blockpass Identity Lab, which has recently opened its doors in Scotland. The lab is currently researching zero-knowledge proof algorithms that could eventually be applied to due-diligence processes and KYC compliance.

Second, a presentation will be given by Steven Wilson, a senior consultant at the British Standards Institution (BSI), introducing the BSI Initial Coin Offering (ICO) standard. The establishment of this standard is expected to bring together the blockchain community and provide an inroad for regulators, providing a framework for the assessment of blockchain businesses.

The event will be held just one day after RegTech Analyst’s Global RegTech Summit, Europe’s leading event for RegTech, RiskTech and cybersecurity. Attendees of both events will get, first, an overview of the RegTech industry in general, and second, a firm understanding of one of the key use cases for RegTech – the mainstreaming of blockchain technology.

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