Source: OptoForce

The Robotics company OptoForce pursues its growing and has today announced the launch of two new versions of its multi-axis sensor – the HEX-E and the HEX-H.

In parallel of this launching, Optoforce will now distribute a cable plier, a compute box and make applications of bulb insertion and connector insertion available for its sensors.

Equipped with the latest company’s product developments, the two sensors are easy to install, lightweight and robust. Once installed, these OptoForce 6-axis sensors create a sense of touch for robots so that they can perform high-precision work such as polishing or bolt insertion. The HEX-E and HEX-H sensors benefit from improved calibration, providing greater accuracy, adding a mounting plate to handle an overload x5 (compared to x2 previously) and a new compute box, improving  computational power to gain some adaptability with the Universal Robots, KUKA and ABB arms. Available at the same price as the previous ones, they will be marketed within next week and will replace the old models. All existing applications as the new ones – inserting a bulb or a connector – will be compatible with the sensors.

“We have updated our sensors to provide a premium experience for our users. Each sensor will get increased overload protection, new integrated (built-in) sensor mounting plates making the sensor compatible with KUKA and ABB as well. The new compute box provides higher computing capacity”, said Ákos Dömötör, CEO, OptoForce.

Along with the launch of its new sensors, OptoForce will now market a cable clamp, rotated 90 degrees, in order to protect cables from cracking and a compute box, which replaces old Ethernet converters for an improvement of the computational power.

This philosophy of developing quality products and advanced robotics has recently enabled OptoForce to join the IFR (International Federation of Robotics) as a supplier. The company will take part in the federation’s future meetings on topics related to the robot market, robotics statistics… “Joining IFR is an excellent way for us to get a deeper understanding about the different markets and their needs”, concluded Ákos Dömötör, CEO of OptoForce.

Source: OptoForce