Four MIT Sloan School of Management students – an internationally top ranked business school– have been working through February, 2nd with the Spanish company ASTI Mobile Robotics.

The company, based in Burgos and led by the Endeavor Entrepreneur Verónica Pascual Boé, completed the project with a three-week onsite work. The project is part of the Action Learning program’s Global Entrepreneurship Lab (G-Lab) offered by MIT Sloan School of Management, a flagship semester-long course designed to expose MIT Sloan students to real life business problems faced by fast-growing companies around the globe. This initiative comes through the Global Entrepreneurship Foundation, Endeavor, which supports High Impact Entrepreneurs in more than 28 countries.

The four MBA students–Lucas He, a former computer engineer and technology consultant; Xin Sun, an ex-BCG consultant; Yuan Wang, a former investment professional, focusing on M&A in technology industry; and Yushan Lin, a former marketing and strategy professional–analyzed the opportunities coming out of the convergence of Autonomous Vehicles (AV) and Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV).

The Mobile Robotics and Autonomous Driving fields are quickly evolving and affecting the way we produce and consume goods, and even the business models in many sectors”, says Jaime Pérez Cuchet, the chief strategist from ASTI Tech Group. He notes that some of the principal trends seen in Robotics show an intense growth and penetration in key industries such as Automotive and F&B but also a greater opportunity in less automated industries like Retail, Healthcare and Aerospace.

Some of the main conclusions that this G-Lab project has confirmed is that AGVs & Mobile Robotics have been developing a great expertise in safety, navigation, real time route planning, data collection & analysis and of course, industrial customer needs. On the other hand, AVs are investing a lot of time and effort in value added services, AI development or Maps for Highly Autonomous Driving (HAD). Their findings show that the converge of both “worlds” is very likely to happen in several technological aspects, and this represents huge opportunities, not only for AGV and AVs players, but also for manufacturing players and end-customers. 

Starting in October 2017, the MIT team began working closely with Pérez Cuchet study the convergence of AGV and AV industries and how it would impact ASTI.  Their goal was to identify the challenges and opportunities facing ASTI in the context of a fast-growing AV industry.



They began an initial research on major trends and technologies in the AV industry at MIT Sloan in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, with the plan to validate and refine their findings with ASTI team during the 3-week onsite visit in January 2018.

This project with G-Lab is part of ASTI´s global strategy to become a top innovative company and a leader in the Mobile Robotics arena. “In this booming market, one of the main key drivers in staying ahead is to be very collaborative, partner with other technological players and constantly work together with all kind of innovators for future developments. We’ve been very excited about introducing G-Lab students to ASTI and collaborating very intensely in such an innovative field” says Pérez Cuchet.