The Volkswagen brand is facing one of the biggest revolutions in its history: Computers, robots and the internet penetrate all areas of work and life.

Our environment has changed dramatically and rapidly in recent years – socially, politically and technologically. And this trend continues: Digitalisation and the internet will revolutionise the automotive industry. However, not only the product will be affected, but vehicle production will also be transformed in the future.

With our innovative developments in efficient manufacturing technologies, flexible servicing materials and intelligently networked digitalisation, we are shaping the most productive factories of the future”, says Dr Martin Göde, Head of Technology Planning and Development of the Volkswagen brand.



Digitalisation is the start of a new industrial revolution – first we had the invention of the steam engine followed by traditional assembly line work and mechanisation. The next jump was the permeation of information technology in factories. Industry 4.0, considered the next development leap, now represents the fusion of production and IT. This involves intelligent networking of people, robots and IT systems across the entire industrial production value chain.

Faster information flows in production and logistics within the integrated production network increase Volkswagen’s resource efficiency and productivity. Real-time networking promotes transparency and unlocks potential to shorten response times, increase flexibility and optimise processes.



The media workshop on digitalisation in Volkswagen production and logistics provides insight into the innovative power and collaboration between Development, Planning and Production. It furthermore gives a glimpse of humanrobot collaboration, fully automatic vehicle commissioning and other future topics.