Source: Fraunhofer

German researchers are establishing a virtual construction to securely share data based on standard communication interfaces, under the name of “Industrial Data Space”.

Their key feature is what they call “Data Sovereignty,” which allows users to monitor and maintain control of their own data or information, allowing them to decide who has the right to access that data and for what purpose. The research project, for which the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research has financed five million euros, is now about to start its second phase, which aims to adopt this architecture at the international level.

Data or information represent a resource of increasing strategic importance for companies in each sector of the economy. But this places the data owners in a dilemma, because the greater the value of their data, the greater the need to take protective measures required in the data-sharing services based in an economy increasingly complex and a new digital business models. To solve this dilemma, twelve Fraunhofer Institutes have been working the last two years in a solution called “Industrial Data Space”. Recently, the first phase of the project has been completed, in which an architecture reference model for a secure data space has been defined based on the latest IT technologies, and the first cases of cross-sector use have been implemented.

Source: Fraunhofer Press