The European Commission (EC) has proposed the new 2021-2027 research and innovation programme ‘Horizon Europe’ that will build on the achievements and success of the previous research and innovation programme Horizon 2020 and keep the EU at the forefront of global research and innovation. Horizon Europe is the most ambitious research and innovation programme ever.

The proposed budget allocation of €100 billion for 2021-2027 includes €97.6 bn under Horizon Europe (€3.5 bn of which will be allocated under the InvestEU Fund) and €2.4 bn for the Euratom Research and Training Programme.

The new Horizon Europe programm will introduce the following main new features:

• A European Innovation Council (EIC) to help the EU become a frontrunner in market-creating innovation: The Commission’s proposal will establish a one-stop shop to bring the most promising high potential and breakthrough technologies from lab to market application, and help the most innovative start-ups and companies scale up their ideas.  It will complement the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT).

• New EU-wide research and innovation missions focusing on societal challenges and industrial competitiveness: Under Horizon Europe, the Commission will launch new missions with bold, ambitious goals and strong European added valueto tackle issues that affect our daily lives.

• Maximising the innovation potential across the EU: Support will be doubled for Member States lagging behind in their efforts to make the most of their national research and innovation potential.

• More openness: The principle of ‘open science’ will become the modus operandi of Horizon Europe, requiring open access to publications and data.

• A new generation of European Partnerships and increased collaboration with other EU programmes: Horizon Europewill streamline the number of partnershipsthat the EU co-programmes or co-funds with partners like industry, civil society and funding foundations, in order to increase their effectiveness and impact in achieving Europe’s policy priorities.

Next steps

A swift agreement on this proposal is essential. Only by having an agreement in 2019, a seamless transition between Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe will ensure continuity of innovation in Europe.

Source: European Commission