Cloud solutions and Internet of Things (IoT) add value in terms of predictive maintenance, augmented reality service support, mobile apps and much more.

With the e-F@ctory concept, Mitsubishi Electric offers a way to develop cyber-safe open edge computing solutions for the direct connection of production to the cloud.

The wide variety of initiatives to promote digital transformation in Europe and the rest of the world does not make this matter any clearer for many people. This is therefore – in addition to the many questions about security – an important reason why many, especially in SMEs, are rather reluctant to connect production with the cloud. This despite the attractive business opportunities involved. “A well thought out transfer concept with data processing in the edge and various security systems can even reduce the amount of staff and time needed to permanently secure the company’s own hardware and software systems,”says Thomas Lantermann, Senior Solution Consultant at Mitsubishi Electric Europe B. V.”.



Efficient and fast processing of large amounts of data

The strength of this concept lies primarily in the collection of large amounts of production data from both proprietary components and equipment from other suppliers. The fully scalable edge computing solution with Mitsubishi Electric’s C-Controller as the smallest unit prepares the data within the automation platform in such a way that cloud delays are avoided and real-time demands from production can be met.

Protecting data confidentiality and ensuring maximum availability

The C-Controller solution transfers the data directly to ERP/MES systems, cloud solutions or own applications. A Software Development Kit (SDK) is available for this purpose. Thomas Lantermann:”No special programming skills are required to use this kit. OT and IT systems coordinate the data structure and frequency of data exchange and send the C-Controller information about the IP address and log-in data for the cloud. Furthermore, everyone stays in their familiar domain“. The exchange of the data structure shall be protected by means of IT security protocols based on authentication, identification and state-of-the-art encryption.

Examples of integration with the SAP Cloud Platform and IBM Watson show how successful the e-F@ctory concept is in practice today. See also:

Source: DMAEuropa