DES | Digital Business World Congress 2018, the world’s largest international forum on digital transformation, will celebrate its third edition in Madrid (IFEMA) during the 22, 23 and 24 of May.

A week where Madrid will become the world capital of digital transformation. The event that in its last edition generated an economic impact in the city of more than 30 million euros, present this new edition under the claim “Facing the Digital Avalanche”.

Artificial Intelligence will be in the spotlight as the main trend during the show. DES reunites top tech solutions that are driving the development of new business models such as IoT, Cloud, Cybersecurity, Blockchain or Digital Marketing among many others. A marketplace where digital solutions are applied to any kind of industry from banking to retail, automotive to utilities.

The next edition of DES will highlight the dilemmas that every C-level must face up without further delay if they want to improve the competitiveness of their companies or management areas. During three days, more than 450 digital leaders will answer the 6 most common dilemmas faced by business management boards to implement a real digital transformation on their companies:

1 – Short-Termism vs Strategic Vision

2 – Customer Experience vs Profitability

3 – Security vs Privacy

4 – Inbreeding vs Attraction

5 – Legacy vs Innovation

6 – Control vs Speed

This edition is designed to go deep in the knowledge required by C-Level executives and leaders of public administration to face a digitization and modernization process of business models. An essential improvement to be increase the competitiveness of our economy,” says Lluis Altés, Managing Director of DES2018. “This year we want to highlight the fact that digitization is here and now, that it is unstoppable and we have to prepare ourselves to take advantage of the opportunities it offers to boost the economy“, add Altés.



According to Forrester, the most important consultancy company in IT sector, the growth of the global technology market will be over 3.2 trillion dollars in the next two years. Business Technologies (BT) will have the most important role in this evolution. BT gather companies that provide IT services, software and hardware, and is expected to grow three times faster than the general technology market.

Cloud adoption will be another factor in the growth of IT sector in Europe. According to Altés, “Cloud technologies are an excellent beginning of the arrival and standardization of other technologies such as IoT, Blockchain or Artificial Intelligence. Therefore, DES2018 will showcase the cutting edge technology from partners that launch the latest tech solution to the market, to those that are fundamental for any company today.

First speakers confirmed: 200 conferences in 3 days

The largest World Congress on digital transformation will once again bring up together top knowledge from more than 450 international speakers on Digital Leadership, Cloud, IoT, Cybersecurity, Blockchain or Artificial Intelligence. The only event that congregates more than 120 hours of conferences, combining keynotes with success stories on real tech applications to any kind of industry.



Among the confirmed speakers so far: Stuart Russel, world authority and leader of the World Economic Forum in Artificial Intelligence; Aristedes Mahairas, Head of the Cyber Operations / Cyber Division of the FBI in New York; Hanna Niemi-Hugaerts, Head of IoT Forum Virium in Helsinki with a worldwide example of SmartCity in Helsinky; Arun Sundararajan, expert in digital economy and the impact on the business network of the new models of the so-called Platform Economy; Tamara MacCleary, who will focus her contribution on the future of work and how candidates and employers will be; o Rahaf Harfoush, with a vision of digital anthropologism that addresses the intersections between emerging technologies, innovation and digital culture.

IT industry and business network supporting

DES2018 will be the great annual event for all organizations that are addressing or thinking about facing the challenges of digital transformation. World leaders in the technology industry such as Deloitte, IBM, Intel, HP, Fujitsu, SAS, T-Systems, Altran or Accenture have been strategic partners of Digital Business World Congress since its first edition.

DES has the support of the Secretary of State for Telecommunications and the Information Society (SETSI), the Community of Madrid and Madrid City Council, as well as employer and national organizations such as CEOE, CDTI, ICEX or, and international ones such as Business Europe or the European Commission.