At this year’s event, Mitsubishi Electric is showing visitors to the SPS IPC Drives show in Nuremberg how digitalisation can increase their production flexibility.

In making use of integrated automation platforms new opportunities can be found for shop floor optimisation.

Mitsubishi Electric’s e‑F@ctory concept is providing a practical structure for enabling the process of digital transformation to happen at a manufacturing level. Machine and plant builders visiting the booth can experience this approach by exploring a live demonstration which presents how data can be collected from shop floor devices and transferred to a higher level SCADA-System for visualisation, monitoring and interpretation of the production process.

This presentation contains three connected applications that demonstrate production processes in real-time,” explains Klaus Petersen, Marketing Director of Mitsubishi Electric’s Factory Automation – European Business Group. “Apart from the operating status and performance information, users can also receive additional information as guidance – such as reasons for, and the steps to take on predictive maintenance.”

The three applications are connected to each other using a MAPS SCADA-System that employs production visualisation to display data and monitoring information on a Mitsubishi Electric display wall cube. This networked system includes an automated product recognition system and a part-automated zero-defect Guided Operator Solution, in combination with a cooperative “Safe Skin” robot. Furthermore, there will be a Linear Transfer System with Smart Carriages for intelligent control of product movement, processing and conveying. There will also be a Total Factory Automation Solution, which shows the entire product portfolio connected together. including third-party motors. Application data from the robot, drive and control systems are transmitted to MAPS live.

By making use of Edge Computing technologies, processed data can then be handed over via the Cloud for deeper analysis of production data and to integrate with higher-level business systems or even Smart Device applications. The results support new methods for production management and enable increased transparency for enterprise resource planning (ERP).

Mitsubishi Electric is underlining its capacity to offer a broad range of technologies, from control and drive automation to edge computing solutions and cloud connectivity, on this year’s booth with its theme of “e‑F@ctory – pushing business further”.